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The Samurai Cowboys

In 1865, the American Civil War comes to an end, and the United States enters the Reconstruction era of postwar rebuilding and industrial development.

In 1868, Japan establishes a more modern, centralized government, and the feudal era, during which dozens of independent states had been at war with one another for hundreds of years, also comes to an end. The samurai class, without masters to serve or battles to fight, is abolished a few years later.

The transcontinental railroad is completed in 1869, connecting the United States from coast to coast. This starts a race between companies to extend miles of track across open land and introduces immigrants and their culture from Asia and the Pacific.

The big expansion of the American West welcomed everyone bold enough to make the journey and strong enough to survive. Many moved to the vast wide-open territory to chase fortunes in gold and silver, while others sought to own land for ranching, farming, and other natural resources. And others just wanted a new life.

It was a time of opportunity and lawlessness, with stories of famous cowboys and gunfighters. But some of those stories have remained untold … until now.

Available Books:

Warriors of the Forgotten Way

The Samurai Cowboys – Book One:

In the spring of 1870, Cade Wilson is one of three orphans of the American Civil War that meet a samurai warrior from Japan in the northern New Mexico Territory. This warrior trains these young men in the samurai way––in their weapons of war and the code they live by.

As honor-bound servants to their Benefactor, these samurai cowboys combine their deadly new skills with the way of the West (the gun) to ruthlessly increase and defend their master’s landholdings. And taking control of the territory before the expansion of the railroad was going according to plan … when Cade decides he wants out.

**Award Winning Debut Novel: Best Historical Fiction / Western [Silver – BookFest Fall 2023]**

Way of the Viper

The Samurai Cowboys – Book Two:

Cade Wilson is a troubled man, and his past is catching up with him. As Viper, he was one of three samurai cowboys––trained by a samurai warrior from Japan, and fighting in the service of their Benefactor.

Then Cade experienced love and a glimpse of the normal life he so desperately wants outside of eternal servitude as a samurai. But trying to escape and turning his back on his Benefactor has brought swift retribution, as some allegiances cannot be undone.

To be free, Cade must face new enemies out to kill him and survive the journey to confront his former master.

Upcoming Releases

Way of the Ronin: The Samurai Cowboys – Book Three
Scheduled Release: November 2024

Way of the Dragon: The Samurai Cowboys Saga
Scheduled Release: TBD

The Author: Nate Wagner

Nate Wagner is an independent author with an overactive imagination and an affinity for westerns, science fiction, thrillers and horror. And with other books in the works, he aspires to publish stories in these various genres.

Before Nate started writing fiction, he spent over twenty years in marketing and advertising, and he continues to provide consulting services to other writers and self-published authors.

Founder of Creative Refinery LLC, Nate is passionate about developing ideas, characters, and stories––and he resides in Arizona with his wife and son.

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